Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bon odori

While we didn't make it to our neighboring Bon Odori due to foot issues, we made it to a friend's! We had a party at their house, and as the dancing was only down the road, we could let the older girls go by themselves. I did go down there one time, after a few beers!

Left, Amy looks so grown-up in this picture! Right, Lena and Momoka in their yukatas. I love Momoka's obi.

Kanji and the make-shift air conditioning. Their air conditioning broke down! And with tako-yaki and okonomiyaki on the menu (both cooked at the table, meaning HEAT). One solution was a bowl of ice, which also kept the beers cool. Add a fan and you have tolerable, if tiring, air conditioning!

The girls in their finery, all ready to go dance. One little boy, Yuuki! Lena has changed into a soft obi. Akiko didn't wear a yukata.

Left the lanterns and dancers. Right, Lena, Momoka, Amy, Nako and her sister, and Karin.

The girls gathered again - it's not easy getting them all to stand still, I have to make sure I get the photo right the first time! Right, Erica caught mid-dance - note how she is using her packet of chips to clap her hands instead of the more usual fan!

Aw, puppy love! These two adore each other now. Yuuki follows Erica everywhere and copies everything she does. The older girls put them in the washing basket with some toys to keep them quiet, then pulled the whole thing out of their play area into the living room where the adults were. Big sisters don't have endless patience for baby sitting!

The was a raffle held at the festival. Lena won fireworks, Amy won laundry powder, but you wouldn't know it by her pleased smile.

Obligatory cute baby photo! And a rare one of me, taken by Erica!

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