Monday, August 09, 2010

Wicked Storm

An absolutely mad crazy storm blew over late this afternoon, with rain so hard Amy said it was like someone was actually hosing the windows. Lena said "It's raining dogs and cats" so we corrected her (cats and dogs) and then of course went and looked up the saying on the internet. Erica got excited and RAN OUTSIDE to check out the rain, and at just the moment she reached outside, there was a MASSIVE boom (I knew it was coming as I saw the flash, but was too slow to catch her) and she ran back inside, wailing. After deciding I was too busy on the computer she decided to give her sisters a try for some sympathy, and called upstairs to them, standing at the bottom of the stairs holding her arms out and calling at the top of her voice, "LENA!! It's WAINING!!!!" with an 'it's-the-end-of-the-world' tone.

I love it when it rains, especially a wild storm like that, and you'll inside all cosy. Cosy and COOL, this being a sub-tropical storm. The lights flickered once or twice, but the air conditioning held out. I almost took a photo of the living room with the three girls all quietly amusing themselves, but I decided I would fold the laundry first! Bad call - because within half an hour the living rooms were crowded out with mattresses, futons, and sheets from Amy and Lena's beds, that had gotten soaked in the downpour after Erica left their bedroom window open...

In foot news, (skip if broken toes bore you) I had another spa bath today, and got worried because the toe seems to be sticking out too might to the side. I think I recall being concerned with my other toe that I would never be able to wear high heels again, and it healed up, so I am trying to be confident this one will too. But they are not taping it to the next toe, just wrapping this huge bandage around it, so I am a little more worried. Well, I will ask about it on Thursday, when they do a follow-up x-ray. Until then I am taping it to the next toe myself. After all, I did all the treatment myself for the last one, after a bit of instruction from my ER nurse sister and my Mum who changes dressings every day at the Rest Home. In better news, the pulled muscle on my other leg's calf seems to have healed up completely. to be replaced by a new pain in the right shin, plus aches in other areas of my foot that are being placed under stress. So I still can't walk far. For that reason, and the rain, we missed the Toro Matsuri today, the local Bon Odori (dance for the dead) festival, which is special because they line the streets with paper laneterns made by local school children and clubs. Well, there's always next year.


Gaijin Wife said...

bloody pelted down here too. Ditto on the storm outside and being nice and safe/cozy/warm/cool inside.

Hope the toe heals OK and you aren't sentenced to a life of flat shoes.

Bummer you can't come tomorrow. If Illahee stops by DON'T give her the bourbon. I repeat DON'T give her the bourbon. Bourbon is dangerous. At least with gin I'll just end up crying :D waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

illahee said...

i was crazy rain yesterday at our place, too, but we were in costco when it happened (at our house. i don't know if it poured at costco or not. i think not.)

good luck with your toe!