Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Early Birds and Daring Cooks

I was up with the birds this morning, most unusual as ALL the children, and their father were all still asleep. That just doesn't happen! No idea why I couldn't get back to sleep, usually it's not difficult!

Got some jobs done today, nothing much, just cleared off my HUGE Japanese kitchen windowsill, a magnet for junk. And bought some printer ink so I can print the application form for Amy's passport.

Then Maia and her mum Harumi came over after lunch. Harumi is the one I want to do Daring Cooks with - she LOVES cooking. We decided not to join just yet, it seemed to intimidating, all those deadlines! So we decided to do some of the past recipes first, mostly because I cannot stop thinking about the chocolate pavlova with chocolate marscapone mousse!

So we have set our own date, the 20th, to make a vegetable terrine, sourdough bread, walnut bean dip and the pavs of course!

A and L went to Baachan's, K is out at a meeting, leaving just me and Erica. She's bathed and ready to eat her dinner, and should get an early night. And I will... watch TV I suppose!


anchan said...

I can tell you from personal experience that signing up for the Daring Cooks/Bakers will in no way help you shed the flummy - especially not that chocolate pavlova! xxx

Rachel said...

Oh I know! We were so horrified writing out the ingredients list - a LITRE of cream? THREE packets of marscapone? We have already decided to reduce the quantities!

anchan said...

The recipe makes a *huge* pavlova, and I ended up giving half away :-( Not to mention, it also cost a small fortune to make!

Rachel said...

Thanks Anchan, I think I'll go back and halve everything actually. We're splitting the cost, and have two families to take it home to, but it's still a lo of dessert!