Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Which is what Amy is calling me. K first called me flamingo on Sunday, noticing how I quickly whip up the sore foot and hide it behind my other knee whenever the kids come anywhere near me!

Such a long, slow, dull day. Should start the next AFWJ Journal, but the internet isn't working on that computer, a problem I have to solve either by going out to buy another connection cord, or by hacking my laptop to find the WPA password. Mendokusai!! I suppose I should go to the store, because I need printer ink anyway, for Amy's passport application. Jo, you have GOT to visit me soon, to sign her photo!

In other news, I once again came across a student serving me in a store. The record was three in one day last week, ONLY two today. It was funny because I saw one at another check-out, but stayed where I was, only to look up and there's another one! Actually when I had my sad year of unemployment, I really missed seeing my students all over town, turning up checking my groceries, flipping my burgers, serving me coffee (or god forbid, beer)!


Unknown said...

It has been far too long! Next week most afternoons are free for us - we could come after swimming. Let me know when suits you best. Good luck with your balancing act!

Gaijin Wife said...

poppochan was expecting you both here tonight. Lack of guests meant she had to get pished all by herself.