Friday, August 13, 2010

The Sleep-over

Phew, that's over! It was exactly 24 hours, 4 meals, and not too crazy or loud, surprisingly. Actually the worst part was having nothing else to do but computer stuff, while the children ruled the house!

How do I have three kids stay the night? Easy, I have an old-fahioned Japanese house, and traditionally room use is flexible, and futons can be put anywhere. So I put them all in a row on the living room floor. They were thrilled to have a pyjama party.

Pizza for lunch, plus a bunch of other leftovers Baachan threw at me when I picked up the kids after my x-ray appointment. I took everything she threw at me! Dinner was fried chicken, chips, sausages, boiled eggs and edamame. Keeping it simple! Ice cream for dessert, then a movie, after which I abandoned them downstairs and went to sleep. Breakfast was rice, miso soup, sausages and boiled eggs. That went down well, I could tell from the silence that descended upon the table in the moments after it was served. Lunch No.2 was fried rice, using the breakfast rice and the leftover sausages, plus leftover karaage and chips.

For some reason the other mother called to ask if I had done anything about preparing the karaage (fried chicken). I said no, I was planning to go to the nearby shop at 6pm and order it. She said she'd organize it, and we were to pick it up at 6pm. Okay, I actually thought she meant that she was going to pay for it, but she didn't, I had to. And she ordered twice as much as I would have, so I felt a little out of pocket there! Why did she call then? It may be because it's really busy at that hour, and you do really need to pre-order. She also delivered a watermelon, which we only got around to eating five minutes before she arrived to pick them up. I gave half back to her, which was a struggle. I don't think she was keen to take it, but I have no space for it either!

Baachan was worried out of all proportion, I felt undercurrents of gaijin panic going on, like they were not worried about my foot, or the fact that three kids stayed, but just some unnamed uneasiness that somehow I was incapable or organizing it all by my widdle gaijin self? Well, all's well that ends well.


Gaijin Wife said...

wow! A real sleep over! How very foreign of you. Must have been so much fun for the girls.

A bit puzzled re other mum ordering but not paying for chicken! Sometimes the gift of watermelon is an absolute pain in the ass. Have to rearrange entire fridge.

Hope your foot is getting better and that we might get to catch up before the end of the holidays. perhaps Ryu and I can come play one day. I'll pre order some chicken and bring you the biggest watermelon I can find :D

Rachel said...

I think they had fun!

We have 2 fridges and a huge freezer, and I still could not find anywhere to put it! If you bring one, I will hand you a broom stick and blindfold you...

Please come visit! Doc said healing will take another 4 weeks, since I moved and bumped it so much last week it shows no signs of healing at all!