Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Amy

Amy, 11. With ipod.

Amy + rock. Isn't my baby all grown up?

Earlier in the day, with her great big stuffed Marie, to match Lena's Cheshire Cat

Opening Marie

Present time! Marie, opening the clothes she got (the t-shirt and shirt she is wearing below, plus a pant-suit she hasn't worn yet, hm... ) and the notification of an ipod yet to come (it didn't arrive in time, so she got a 'letter' about her big present, like Lena's bike letter).

Erica hands over her present to Amy. Erica hands over Lena's present to Amy!

Opening some very well-wrapped pencils!

She was very happy with the lip gloss and nail polish from Lena, and the red pen and pencils from Erica.

My girl. And banana.

The ipod! And at actual size! It actually arrived on the 15th.

Well-packaged for something so small!


Clare Maree said...

Happy birthday, Amy!
Amy is turning into quite the bijin. She looks a lot like you, Rachel.
My boy turns 11 in a couple of months, too. Next stop, puberty. Oh dear.
Happy belated Easter to you all.

Petreceri Private said...

Happy Birthday, looks like you had a lot of fun on there. She received a lot of presents?

acicilya dirgawijaya said...

heloooo, happy bday blash to you amyyyyy..keep stunning and great Cicilya from Indonesia, may i ask you something? where did you bought those marie cat? i cant find it in entire whole world :( i looking since one year ago until i saw your great pict..thank you so much if you can send me that information. please, email me for answer my question at and thank you so much!! :) GBU