Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Spring Break Day Ten

I worked in the morning, so the kids went to Baachan's. She was happy to see them and they were happy to have Aunty Mie come and take them out for lunch!

After work I had a singularly bizarre meeting consisting of singing kindy songs.

I came home for a very quiet lunch, got called half way through to pick up a 'so sleepy she's nearly asleep in the car' Erica, who, when I saw her and suggested we go home for a nap, ran very quickly in the opposite direction saying 'NO sleep I wake!'.

Finally rounded up all children plus hand-me-down glasses and teapots from Baachan, and took them home; Erica upstairs to sleep, Amy and Lena off again to Baachan's on their bikes.

I spent the rest of the day starting the next task on the to-do list - the spare room - in between checking an essay, skyping Mum, supervising the delivery of the new dishwasher, and transforming said dishwasher's box into a house for Erica with a Barbie raincoat roof.

Finished the day with a nice glass of red in the cool April sunset, kids home and bath filling...


Gaijin Wife said...

what a nice way to end a busy day. See you on Sunday - 10-ish ? pot luck lunch?

Rachel said...

Yes, we'll come 10ish Sunday and bring something for lunch. See ya!