Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Now I don't know what to write.

Went to work today, blah blah blah.

Erica's first day of kindy, where she apparently was rather 'energetic'. That's J. kindy teacherese for 'out of control we wanted to throttle her'. They don't expect too much from them on the first day though, hence the home time an hour and a half after the start!

All kids to hospital for asthma check and meet new doctor, very young, hope she will bold and let them go off their meds! Another month for now.

Amy and Lena settling into 5th and 4th grade respectively. Amy in particular had a good day, is in a good 'han' (group) and is having a good start to the year! I haven't heard much from Lena yet. She's doing her homework right now.

Bath and bed for me!

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