Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well It's Thursday Then

As the new April schedule sorts itself out, we all shake and ruffle and then settle our feathers back into the new life, and slowly it become clear how this year will look and feel.

And Monday takes the prize for being my new day off, with all three kids out of house by 8:30 and not back until 4:00, and no work either! And Thursday it isthen, that will be the day when I write a hurried blog post moaning about how busy I am.

Erica has to be at kindy by 8:30, then I go off to work, starting at 8:50. I'm done by 12, go pick up Erica and take her from Aiko daycare centre to Keio kindergarten, then come home, have lunch, then go back and pick her up at 2:15. She's loving it there! Hours are 10:00 to 2:15, Tuesday to Friday, so she goes to Aiko on Mondays, and also on Thursday morning, when my work hours clash with the start time.

Then it's back to Keio for Amy and Lena's classes at 5:00, then back to pick them up again, and then to Haradas, where we are teaching Karin and Momoka English. Finally home again and I even had time to read a chapter of Harry Potter to the kids - they are absolutely loving that, by the way, they had no idea the book was SO much better, and funnier, and more detailed!

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