Saturday, April 02, 2011

Spring Break Day Six: BBQ part 2 and Daylight Savings

Did you ever have a day where you just wanted to add a few hours? Well, that's exactly what we did yesterday. I woke at 7:23, read a book, Erica was up next, making me get up about 8:40, and I had tea and checked email and facebook and did some photo blogs. Then Lena came down at 10:17. However, the clock on the wall in the living room said five to nine.

"Wouldn't it be great if it really was five to nine," I said. Meanwhile Amy had made her way down. And it was then that I decided that it WAS five to nine, that regardless of what the real world and everyone in it said, today we would go by that clock. It was great, because suddenly I had ages more time to finish doing the laundry, have breakfast and get ready for our picnic, and finish the photo/blog tasks I'd set myself.

So off we went to our picnic at "11:30". And we got back home at a respectable "2:00". Kanji came home not long after, and we started our barbecue in the sunshine at "3:00ish". After food and drinks, we had a long hot bath, and managed to get to bed by "8:30". Wow!

While sitting in the sun sipping beer we called a few friends, but no-one could come. So we decided to do it all again the next day! Kanji promptly called everyone he knows and now we have about a million people coming over TODAY, very soon, and all I have to do is shopcleantidyrollonigirisforthefivethousand. As you do.

One more thing came up as we sat there - he told me he's ordered a new dishwasher! It finally broke down the other day, and when he told me the new part would be $150, if it was even available for such an old model, I just assumed that it would go WAY down the bottom of the list of things to buy for the house. But it just got shoved up the top, and he's going to pay it off.

Two seconds later I found out why. He's ordered a new digital HD recorder as well...

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