Monday, April 04, 2011

Spring Break Day Eight

So far the only holiday goal I haven't met is lying on the sofa reading. I guess that means I'm doing pretty well... I'm sorting out photos and uploading them, I'm sleeping in, and I'm working through that to-do list. Today's was to tidy the medicines, which I got done rather late, starting at 4pm!

We all slept in again today. I would have read in bed but Erica woke up and wanted to get up. I took my sweet time having a cup of tea and checking the computer stuff. Amy and Lena got up and took their sweet time too. Finally we were galvanized into action by the daycare calling and asking Where was Erica. Huh? Nobody told ME that the dates were finalized for April and she'd be starting April 4. Apparently they called K, but he can't remember. Hmm. If this doesn't make them realize that calling the MUM is the best idea even if she speaks Japanese as a second language and you feel you can communicate better with the Dad...

We got her there about 10:30, and decided to have her stay for the nap, so I went back and rustled up her futons and brought them back (it's about 2 minutes drive away). Then me, Amy and Lena, um, took it easy again... they only got dressed because I told them I'd take them out for lunch. We went to Joyfull. New Spring/Summer menu, same old same old, only the gobo salad has gone, boo hoo, but the mixed pizza has been jazzed up a bit. We didn't have drink bar tickets!!! Kristin can you believe that?!? The ones in my purse were expired. We did without, since Joyfull is also about 2 minutes from home, and we figured we could wait that long for a drink of water. In the end we stopped by Daddy's shop (right next to Joyfull) and got some water there before we went home.

Cue more taking it easy (interspersed with four laundry loads, cleaning the kitchen and tidying the living room, I should add, but these things have to be done every day so I don't really even think of them when I consider what I have done today).

Amy was still feeling a little ill, so we skipped swimming. We rode the bikes to Joyfull and I rode to pick up Erica, so I got a bit of exercise done. Which brings me up to now, 7pm, dinner nearly done, then bath and bed for an early night!

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illahee said...

too funny! although, they do have water at just have to get it yourself!