Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It's awfully quiet. Wonder why...

Didn't do much today, except catch up with myself (laundry mostly! some tidying), some internet shopping (for Amy's birthday) and internet searches for how to make a disco ball pinata for her pyjama party.

For a 'day at home' I managed to clock up 5 car trips out - to drop Erica at kindy, to go back to kindy to take her rice to her (and do some shopping), to take the big girls to swimimng, do some shopping and pick up Erica, then to pick the big girls up from swimming, and finally to the Kodomo Kai meeting.

Dinner was chicken pie, YUM and happily made enough filling to pop some in the freezer for next time, so I now have 2 pies ready to go, yum!

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