Sunday, June 19, 2005

Castle and curry

Today I took the kids to go clean up the castle. It was a volunteer effot organized by Caravan Nakatsu, a social/charity/Nakatsu promotion group. First up was a lecture about the the history of the large stone walls. We missed this bit, because even though I wanted to know, I didn't think the kids could take too long, so I decided to come late. We arrived just in time to help with the weeding. The walls were getting overrun by plants. We cut and pulled and bagged, and were finished by 11am, when we sat down for curry that had been provided for the volunteers. There was so much curry that we were able to take a bag of it home along with rice.

In the afteroon we went to see Dipti. Eisha is in NZ at the moment, a week's school trip to Rotorua, which is teh sister city of Beppu, where Eisha goes to high school. Koga recently broke his leg playing soccer, so he was there, rather than out at one of his eternal soccer practices. They really overwork them here!

Amy played with the dog Jini, she has finally got over her fear. Lena is still terrified, but was more than happy to play with Peter the turtle.

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