Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's getting HOT!!!!

Air-con time is here. In previous years I have tried to at least wait out June, but I can't be bothered this year. It's not the heat so much as the sweating that drives me nuts. Always dabbing my face, glasses slipping off, I can't stand wearing jeans, although I do when I go out of the house, as I don't think my sarong or cotton skirts are very flattering. But I strip off when we are at home!

Meanwhile I have been wondering what to do about Amy's medicine on her kindy camp next month. Remember how angry I got when the teacher refused to take the ventolin and spacer? She said I had to have doctor's permission. Even though I said it was from a doctor in NZ, and my usual pediatrican here had okayed it too, she still wormed her way out of it by saying the doc we were seeing at the hospital hadn't said anything. I tried to explain it wasn't a daily dose med, but seomthing to have on hand if she starts getting uncomfortable. And she countered that if it was that bad, I would know in the morning and not take her to kindy. Well, it's not that simple...

Anyway, now that the hospital doc has okayed the flixotide, I can technically force them to use it, no matter how uncomfortable they may feel using some strange foreign muck. (that was her main problem before, I think - she had never seen or used it before). I don't have to - Amy can easily have the flixotide after she comes home. But part of me would really like to go 'Here, see? I was right!'

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