Monday, June 20, 2005


We went to the hospital today for Amy's monthly asthma check-up. Last Monday Yoriko had told me that at the health conference she went to, she listened to a speech about asthma, and the doctor there had said that he would never use Theodur. I wsa getting worried anyway that she was on it for so long, and that was the last straw. So I decided to ask the doctor to change to a steroid medicine. Yoriko assured me that there were less side-effects because there is a smaller dose because it goes straight into the lungs where it is needed.

So I asked the doctor today, and he agreed! I started by saying I was worried about the side-effects. I think he was expecting that, because he seemed almost reluctant to tell me he wanted to continue the meds this month, and was explaining that this season is a bad one for asthma. So I asked about steroids and showed him the flixotide. We talked about it a bit, I explained the dosage I had been given, and found the drug name for him, which is similar to name it goes by in Japan, so he knew what it was. He even commented that he knew Theodur was not used overseas anymore. I said, 'Yes, I know. My doctor in NZ said he would never use it'

We decided that I would use the inhaler from NZ this month, go back next month for another check and if she is doing fine on it, he will give me some more. So, with luck, or rather, with the right medicine, we should make it through summer this year. Beach, here we come!

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