Saturday, June 18, 2005

Parent-Teacher Meeting and a Restaurant Fiasco

I had my first Parent-Teacher meeting today. It was only ten minutes long, and we talked mostly about sleep. Amy has not napped since she was two, so she just can't do it, and the nap period is about an hour and a half so she gets very bored, and hates it so much she often doesn't even want to go to kindy at all. She always asks me if I am going to pick her up after lunch. The teachers seem to think the ideal solution is for her to learn to nap, but I am very much opposed to that as I think that she would then be unable to get to sleep at night! There is nothing to be done - the nap period is decided, many of the other kids are still in the habit of sleeping (having gone to day care for may years) and she is not allowed to play inside or out during that time. I have the promise that they will let her quietly read, but the teacher wonders if she can do that for an hour and a half. I said, you expect her to do NOTHING for an hour and a half? She started to tell me she 'needed' the sleep, as she played all morning. I reminded her that Amy is five, and has not napped since she was tow. I don't think she needs it. I just didn't like the whole tone of 'everyone' naps, 'everyone' needs it, the 'rule' is decided, no exceptions.

We also talked about food - Amy complained to ME that she had too much, as I think there is an undercurrent of congratulations for finishing, even if the teachers don't think they actually 'force' them. Amy already has a tendency to over-eat, I don't want to encourage it. She has had seconds lately, so I warned the teacher that Amy has been known to eat until she feels sick, and last week she actually vomited. Five years old and already a bulimic, I really have to be vigilant about her eating.

The last thing was sunscreen, which they will put on her after lunch for me. Amy is so BROWN it's unbelievable. She certainly 'tans' well, shame tanning is such a health risk!

In the evening we went out for dinner to a family restaurant. I thought Kanji wanted to go, since he had suggested it earlier, but he only meant if Amy ad Lena stayed at Baahan's we should go out together. When I said they probably wouldn't, also thinking I am too busy Saturday to 'go out' Friday night, he no longer wanted to,but I hadn't realized that and assumed it meant we would all go out together. This is important, because it means I did not arrange any dinner, so when we go home at 6:30 there was no food cooked nor anything quick. Amy and Lena had had rice only at Baachan's.

Now Kanji said he didn't want to go out, he wanted to relax at home. But I was hungry, and I was worried about the kids. I was considering getting deliveries, take-out, and suggesting I go with the kids only, but Amy protested, so Kanji gave in - mistake number one, he should have said No if he really meant it!

We didn't get out until 7:30, and went to Gusto, where we ordered a hamburger kid's set for Lena and a Curry rice kid's set for Amy. As soon as it arrived, the trouble started. Amy suddenly stopped eating, as it was too hot. Lena has a mini-tantrum because Kanji wouldn't let her eat her jelly first, and refused to eat at all. Now, you must know that Amy and Lena are normally very good in a restaurant, and usually eat their meals as well! We couldn't even salvage the situation by eating their dinner for them, as we had already ordered!

Well, Lena finally ate when I fed her, and Amy was happy to eat when her curry cooled a little, so all was well. Our meals came, and we ate as well. If you are wondering where the fiasco is, here it comes. Towards the end of her meal, Amy started to complain of feeling sick. With bug-eyes and a hand over her mouth, she looked ready to vomit, so I took her to the bathroom. Lena of course, had to follow, no matter how many times I told her to go back to Kanji. She went back twice, but kept coming back. Meanwhile Amy was hanging over the bowl, not vomiting but feeling very much like it.

Lena finally decided to go to the toilet, so I told her to go to the next one (there were only two toilets). Suddenly she starts to wail - she missed the toilet, and accidentally let go on the floor, in her knickers and all over her legs. So I leave Amy clutching the toilet bowl, and rush in to help Lena, who is horrified, and clean her up, just as a middle-aged lady, and woman with a young boy come into the toilet. The toilet doors are both open , so they can see what going one. I apologize to them, and call Amy into the second toilet as I have finished cleaning up Lena, and sent her out to wash her hands. Amy nearly steps into the wee-wee I am still mopping up with toilet paper, but I manage to get it cleaned up and Amy comfortably ensconced around another toilet bowl.

The middle-aged lady kindly lets the child go first, and while waiting she loans Lena her towel to wipe her hands (they only had a blow machine, and Lena can't reach it). Amy is still over the bowl when the boy finished, and the lady has her turn, and she must have eaten beans, corn, AND kiwifruit the day before, because there are some weird noises coming from in there! Before she's finished, another lady with a boy comes in, maybe that same one as before. We vacate the toilet, because it seems like Amy has done with feeling nauseous, and is ready to go home.

I realize I have left Lena's knickers in the toilet, her new Barbie knickers so I wanted to get them, plus it's gross to leave them there! So I went back to the toilet, but the little boy was sick with vomiting and diarrhea! So I had to wait about five minutes until he was finished until I could get the knickers. I didn't think the mother would appreciate handing me Lena's smelly knickers, even thought they were wrapped in toilet paper, especially while she was trying to care for her sick son.

Kanji was moody all along, because he hadn't wanted to go in the first place. the rest of us managed to stay happy, but I agreed with him that this night was truly a waste of time.

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