Saturday, June 25, 2005

Mummy's little Helper

Amy came with me again to my lesson at Keio. It's a kids' class, age about eight or nine. Last time she stayed downstairs, but I let her come up with me today, because it's the last lesson I am doing - and that is for certain, unless they pay me triple I will not do that lesson. I like the class, and the kids, and it's a nice lesson, but I left the house at 4pm and did not get home til 6.30. The class is from 5-5:50. The rest is picking up Amy, dropping them off at Baachan's or Daddy's shop, getting there, preparing for the lesson, setting up the room; then after, picking the kids up and getting home. We end up getting into bed late, and the whole evening is put out of whack. It really isn't worth it.

Anyway, the target for the lesson was 'Can you eat it?' 'Can you drink it?' I made Amy the shopkeeper, gave the kids plastic bead money, and they had to go shopping using 'I want a ...' and say 'Here you are' and 'thank you' and 'you're welcome'. After all the kids had their pile of plastic food, we practiced washing, cutting and eating thef ood. Finally they practiced in groups 'Can you eat it?' with piles of cards of food interspersed with fun stuff like spiders, bags, erasers.

Amy was quite a confident teacher, even though the kids were older than her. She invented a game, where she washed something in her hand and they had to guess what it was. I had to stop her when she went on to do it with cards, as it would take too long! And she was rather bossy about telling them all to open their books when we did some book work. She's a natural. We had a good time.

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