Monday, June 13, 2005


And did I forget to go to the castle??? No, that is definitely next weekend.

Today we went to a dance performance. It was modern dance, and just a local school, but typically for Japan, it was a much biger deal than the much simpler show put on by Rachel and Gabi's school in Hawera. But at the same time it was simpler than Amy's ballet concert, which, or course, incorporated an entire ballet as well as individual pieces danced by individuals or groups.

The first section of Norimix was class group dances. The second part was a guest group from Fukuoka. The third part was themed - Noriko the dance teacher became norinori the alien who loves to dance and her zanily dressed character tied together the dances with spoken pieces between the dances, in which norinori goes to planet earth and generally spreads happiness around with her dancing magic. Amy and Lena enjoyed it. Lena danced in the aisle (where we were sitting because we came late) and Amy asked about a million questions (another good reason to sit in the aisle!).

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