Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Drowning Lesson

Amy's swimming lesson today. Today they did somethign different - something I can only describe as a drowning lesson! After a big long talk with all the classes together, they threw each kid one by one into the pool - the strongest swimmers got to wear a tracksuit, the next a jacket, the next two polo shirts. I couldn't hear anything, but obviously they had been instructed to lie on their backs and kick in an L shape down the side of the lane, then across to the edge of the pool. Meanwhile, the teachers stood in the water, splashing their faces, and making waves. I can only guess, but I think it was pretty obvious that they were trying to create the less-than-ideal conditions that a kid who fell out of a boat would have to face.

Amy, as a beginnner, was put in rather gently, and quickly caught by her teacher, who guided her head and upper body in the same way that Amy has been practicing for the last few weeks. Nevertheless it was an improvement on her performance in Maria's neighbour's pool!

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