Saturday, June 11, 2005

Genji no Mori Day One

The good news is that Kanji was able to come camping with us.

We got ready after lunch, picked up Lena at kindy and went straight there. We arrived about the same time as Maia and her Mum and Mayumi and Maika.

We unpacked, and settled in and started to cook while the kids ran off and played on the new playground equipment. We had decided on hamburgers and lamb chops. The others had not tried lamb and wanted to try ti. I brought the hamburgers and hamburger buns, and some beetroot, which was a novelty as well. Maia's mum bought the chops, and they were still joined together in a rack, so our first task was to chop them. We only had a weak knife, and we took turns until we managed to get them chopped. Then we marinated them in olive oil, garlic, and rosemary, and made a mint sauce out of freesh mint and malt vinegar. At first it just tasted like vinegar, but the mint seeped in over time.

Kanji and I set up and started cooking while Maia's mum watched the kids and Maika's mum cooked the hamburgers inside the bungalow on an electric frying pan, to save time. All this time, it was threatening to rain. Kanji and I had a beer, but the other two don't drink much, so tehy saved it for the wine. I brought red wine so I wouldn't have to worry about chilling it. We had a hamburger, some chops and some barbecured vegetables, followed by muffins and strawberry jam and toasted marshmallows.

All this time, the rain started to spit and threatened to pour. It was raining by the time we finished and packed up, ready to go look at the fireflies. But we headed out regardless, with our umbrellas. We were lucky and it stopped just in time for us to stand on the bridge in the dark and admire the fireflies. By this time the children were tied, so we headed back to the bungalow, just as the rain started to pur down. We settled in, played a few games and then watched 'Lilo and Stitch' on the DVD player of my computer, which I brought just in case it rained!

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