Monday, June 27, 2005


I went to Dipti's today and she gave me the shalwar kameez she got for me from Calcutta. It's a salmon pink and white, with one design on the top and another on the pants and scarf. It's made of cotton, and is very comfortable and cool. It will cost me 12,000! A little more than I thought, but it's good cotton, and well-made.

Then I went to the Kakize Stand to show Kanji, and the kids decided they were going to stay the night, and Baachan said yes, so all of a sudden Kanji and I had a date! So we decided to go Pushkar, the Indian restaurant, just to round out the Indian theme. No, I did not wear the shalwar kameez! We finished the night, where else, Tropicoco, the mexican bar.

By the way, I have not been writing so much because I am having input problems. I am going to go find another Blog, because this one is really annoying me!

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