Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Wow, just turning up at Again and my social life was boosted for the next few weeks. I managed to make three dates in the first five minutes

Feb 26 is a wine tasting, I bought tickets for Kanji and me. The party is part of the Hina Matsuri, arranged by Shoichi and a wine student from Kitakyushu who will be bringing German wines. There will also be some food, and it will be held at Muroya. I am looking forward to it.

Second is a party at Again, on March 2. Only a little different from the usual thing, we will be starting at 7pm and will be eating steak. And drinking bucketloads of beer no doubt. Good thing I don't have college the next day!

Third is a speech. I forgot the event, some club of Jinjin's, a Nakatsu developement group I think. I am to talk about my impressions of Nakatsu for about 20 minutes, in Japanese. After my last effort, where I still had loads to say after 90 minutes, I don't think that will be a problem. I just have to think of what to say that is not to negative! Thought I might talk about 'my' tree, that beauty they pulled up to build a new road and then put back in the park opposite Kanji's stand, all hacked to bits and wrapped up like a mummy - but alive, with a few brave shoots poking out from the amputated limbs. I don't know whether to be mad that nearly every tree here is cut to bits for being a nuisance, or pleased that they cared enough to transport it.

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