Saturday, February 05, 2005

First Business Meeting

Well I had my website meeting today. Nothing much happened. It was more for Uto and Hiro-chan (the web designer) to set up a computer for Yori. I've heard about these Japanese business meetings where nothing happens, but this really takes the cake! Even Keio Academy get more achieved in their meetings.I've also heard that verbal deals struck over drinks mean as much as formal contracts, I wonder if that's true, and I'm really on board with this company? I wonder if I am a partner, an employee or just being used? (Some people seem to think foreigners' function in Japanese society is to translate everything for free, as though we were here on some kind of Rotary exchange). But I trust Uto and Yori. Anyway, it's a great opportunity to learn, and I just may keep my most cherished ideas to myself for now, just in case I end up doing one day a week answering emails while everyone else gets rich.

Hiro complimented me on what I had written already, and gave me a quick html lesson. It's much simpler than I had imagined (with the right software of course, which she has offered to copy for me). I think that's made it worth it already! Then she wrote down the URL for me with instructions to change the Japanese writing to English.

I shall start tomorrow morning.

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