Saturday, February 12, 2005

Dr. Yoriko

My new student came at 7pm. She is 30-something, single cardiologist at a private hospital in Usa. Her English is really excellent, which will be a good change for me, and a challenge!

She has studied English a lot, and has quite a definite purpose in choosing to get a teacher right now. Her father is a presbyterian preacher, and next year will be hosting the visit of a famous evangelist and faith healer, T.L.Osborne. Yoriko has been asked to translate, so she wants to study public speaking and religious oratory.

She contacted me through a website that lists teachers and charges students to search for one. As part of my application I had to state my university major - which was religious studies. I remember as I typed it in thinking how irrelevant that was...only to actually be chosen on that basis! Hey Mum and Dad! My degree finally got me a job!

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