Monday, February 21, 2005

Mrs Fukuda

Yoshimi again today. She is 70, and has been studying English with me for five years - through a marriage and two babies, several overseas trips by both of us, and she just keeps coming back.

She's a tiny lady, mother of one and grandmother of four. Occasionally she takes a trip to Tokyo to visit her mother! She often brings us souvenirs (cakes) and her and Baachan have a bit of a battle giving things to each other all the time. She brings the girls a present every now and then too. She dotes on them, and doesn't seem to mind them coming to the lesson.

Her English has improved in that time, of course. We cover the material quite nicely in our current text book (about the fourth) and do mostly conversation. She also paints, and often gets together with her junior high school class for reunions.

I hope she continues for another ten years!

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