Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Some Thoughts on Swimming

I finally got back in the pool after about two weeks of various sickness and busy-ness distracting me.

I didn't do too badly after the break, but I lost count of my laps so I can't say how far I swam.

There was a man sharing my lane today. It's good when there's a man in my lane. No, it's not what you think, I am a very happily married lady. Okay, it is what you think, but only a little bit, because seeing if you can catch a glimpse of bicep as you gilde by, goggled and trying to breathe, is not easy.

But really it's about speed and pacing. Usually I share the lanes with old ladies, NONE of whom can keep up with me. That means I am constantly having to slow down so I don't swim into their feet, hoping they will realise I am there and wait and let me pass them at the end of the lap. Or having to wait myself to let them get ahead, only to catch up to them before they have finished the 25m lap.

But at least when I share a lane with a man, I know we won't have that problem. In fact, I am spurred on to swim a little faster, cos I love to see if I can beat them! It takes a few laps to sort out who is faster and who should be waiting to let the other pass. Of course, no man would EVER publicly admit I swim faster by waiting for me to pass. No, they pretend they wanted to do a lap of breaststroke or walking instead.

I waited for the man to pass me today. But he reached the edge of the pool and stood up. Such things should not be allowed! I can understand why muslim men want women covered all the time. Of course, I just kept swimming.

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