Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Snowman Day

Well it was supposed to be snowman day, but the best we got were a few snowballs before it started to snow again. See pictures below.

I intended to stay in all day - I had enough food, nothing absolutely necessary to do...but Amy got so desperate to get out and build that snowman, and the snow began to look like it might melt soon, taking our one chance this year to build a snowman, that I relented and we rugged up and ventured out. They squealed with delight, got their gloves all wet, then the snow started to fluff down again.

Once we were outside it seemed like a good idea to get in the car and go out, so the girls went to see Daddy at the self-service station at Youme Town while I got some more food and a new pair of glasses. The lens fell out a week ago and I've been balancing it in there ever since for want of time to get some new ones - and to psyche myself up to spend the money on them. They are one of those things I just don't like spending money on, even if I have it!

We had simmered fish for lunch today (I've decided to put that recipe on the soy sauce site) and after lunch Amy just came along with a chopstick and idly poked it's eye out. She likes doing that to her whole fish, which we often eat for lunch at Baachan's. The first time she did it, she asked me if the fish could see if she took its eye out, and I said, "of course not (it's dead anyway)" so she popped out the eye and giggled and said the fish was blind now. Charming.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the gross food you get used to as a kid, and aquired tastes. Someone on an email list said she had grown to quite like Vegemite to use in cooking, but could never eat it on her bread. It seems to me that black food is the most likely to have tastes that need 'acquiring' - Marmite and Vegemite, black pudding, caviar, black olives, truffles, squid ink.

In 2003 I had a red themed christmas party - maybe this year I should go all out and have a black themed Halloween party!

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