Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hello Kitty

We made some great trades today! I can't believe how much some people are prepared to pay for those Kitty stuffed toys. Oh well, one woman's junk is another's treasure.

Kanji suggested we get Egami, who works in the garbage trade, to keep an eye out for more...

Meanwhile Uto got a lovely letter from the web designer who said she is so glad to have our help, she was thinking she was going to have to hire a lawyer and that costs a truly astronomical sum in Japan. She said they were getting quite upset because they thought they couldn't afford it and what were they going to do - and then I came along and found the information they needed in one afternoon googling. I still can't quite believe this opportunity has dropped into my lap just when I needed it, I hope hope hope it all works out for us.

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