Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day and Fairies

We went to the doctor this morning and got our check-up, nebulizer and meds, after waiting the usual two hours. At least I am used to it now, and take a book to read! It was harder when Lena was one and needed constant supervision as she toddled around the room. Now I can leave her to her own devices and the worst thing that can happen is that she'll gather samples of all the viruses and bacteria present in the room to take home for our immune systems to experiment with.

She has been given cough medicine, and I'm too keep an eye on her temperature and go back if it gets higher, as she might need antibiotics. At least this doctor isn't as keen on handing them out like candy as some Japanese doctors are. She feels pretty hot right now, so I better go see how she is.

It is also Valentine's Day, so we got Dad some chocolates. I aksed them both who they wanted their boygfriend to be and they both chose Daddy. Electra complex? But what Daddy appreciated much more was Lena when he was putting her to sleep last night, saying "I love you Dad" and putting her tiny arm around his neck and stroking him. That melts a Daddy's heart more than any amount of Mickey Mouse chocolate.

Of course I didn't get anything. Valentine's Day in Japan is for women to buy men chocolate, or a gift. The whole Valentine display consists of tastefully packaged chocolate, men's underwear and chocolate, not a girly thing in sight. Men are supposed to return the favor on White Day, March 14.

We hired some DVDs today, just to be sure Amy has a quiet afternoon. We watched A Fairy Story, about the Cottingley Fairies (The two little girls who became famous for photographing fairies in their garden). Then ending is especially sweet, with all the fairies coming back and the fairy queen coming to see the little girls, and bringing back the other little girl's Daddy from the war. Amy was so happy that all the fairies came back, and none had been caught, and everyone was happy, that she actually cried! She is such a deeply emotional child. When she is upset, she screeches and despairs like the sky is falling on her head, but when she is happy her heart sings and the whole world is wonderful.

Now she tells me she is going to dream of fairies tonight, and she is so happy she won't have to have nasty dreams tonight. She even made some fairies and had her photo taken in the garden with them.

(Cute things kids say: Amy, while drawing a picture of me as a girl doing ballet, said she knew I had done ballet as a girl, even before I told her. When I aked her why, she replied "Because your belly button glows pink")

Dinner tonight: ceasar salad, fried rice with yesterday's uneaten vegetables, and...and...and....I really have no name for it! You slice thin slices of lotus root, and put two pieces together with tinned tuna in the middle. Then you crumb them and fry them. Fried lotus & tuna sandwiches? That sounds gross but they are truly yumy.

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