Saturday, February 19, 2005

Lena's Night Terror

Lena had a really horrible scary night terror last night.

I was just shifting to be comfortable and I lightly touched her, nothing out of the ordinary, I often reach out to touch her, several times a night I think (it's done kind of semi-conscious now so I don't know) to see where she is and if she is covered by the blankets.

But last night I touched her just lightly on the arm, and SCREAMED!!!!!!!!! She totally went off her nut, a frantic, panicked, terrified crying and wailing and yelling about a 'mushi' (insect). I tried to touch her again and she scrambled away from me. All the time I was calling out to her, Lena, it's mummy, Lena, what's wrong, it's Mummy. She finally heard me, and leapt into my arms, her arms and legs all four of them clinging around me like a little monkey, telling me about the 'mushi' she thought had been crawling on her arm.

We had to turn on the light and show her there were no insects in her bed.

On the sweet side, as I lay beside her reading the other night, she said "Mummy huggle me and pat me". So I put my arm around her and stroked her temple. She said "mmm, you love me Mummy".

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