Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Birgit and the Kakejiku

Birgit has decided to buy a kakejiku as a souvenir of Japan. They are going back to Germany soon. A kakejiku is a wall-hanging with Japanese calligraphy. I am helping her get it - I advised her to go to Naganos shop to get the wall hanging, Jiichan advised her on what to get put on it, and found her some nice kanji for their surname. And then Toyoko agreed to write it for her, although she is very nervous about it, as, although she is very good at calligraphy, it is a style that she is unfamiliar with.

Meanwile the train crash just gets worse - 100 people dead, and the driver was speeding to make up time, as he was running late after over-shooting the platform at the previous station. And he only did that because he was already running late. It's just so scary, having been on many trains like that, to imagine the chaos.

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