Friday, April 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Amy!

She woke in the morning to presents, of course - she had already opened one on Sunday, a CD of a song from a cartoon she likes, Pretty Cure. On the morning of her birthday she got a Bratz Jade fridge magnet dress-up doll set to match Lena's Chloe. And a fairy coloring book and a fairy puzzle book.

She went to kindy as usual, partly because I thought they might do something for her there. The teacher made a bow out of pink ribbon and it was pinned on her sleeve so everyone would know she was the birthday girl. She got a kick out of that. I think they sang happy birthday to her.

She came home at 4pm in time for a phone call to New Zealand, where Grandma, Aunty Jo and family and Aunty Becky sang Happy Birthday over the phone, which made her really happy. Aunty Becky got the low-down on everything that had happened to her that day.

We quickly popped out to Youme Town shopping centre to spend the money Baachan had given her. She knew exactly what she wanted, a Pre-Cure white outfit. She also got the matching phone and a talking colouring book with crayons. Perfect for her. We came home and ordered a pizza, Amy's request. We followed it with strawberries and ice-cream, and then Daddy came home. Amy dressed up in her new clothes and played with all her new toys.

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snowflakebebe said...

Hi, I just found this by wandering around the web and just wanted to say that sounded like a great day :)


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