Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Lena's Kindergarten Entrance Ceremony

And Amy's first day at Japanese kindergarten.

We dropped Amy off first, with her bag with it's lunchbox of rice and chopsticks, and her attendance book and communication book. I stayed for about an hour, as she wandered aimlessly not knowing what to do, unless she was chasing Peter and Rosa. Finally the teacher decided to go for a walk, because the weather was just perfect, so I took the opportunity to leave. She cried at first, but I reassured her, and told her to ask the teacher if she needed anything, and the teacher got Rosa to come over and hold her hand for the walk, which made her smile, and she was fine after that.

Lena's Keio Academy English Kindergarten Entrance ceremony was next. There are only four students continuing, and the new class has only six, so it is a very small group this year. The current students and teachers sat at the front and the new students and their parents sat facing them. After introductory speeches from the principal, manager, and all the teachers, the children's names were called out and they had their first go at calling back "I'm here". Lena did very well. Then they all got together to sing the Hello song, which Amy has already taught Lena so again, she did very well. They went up one by one to collect their attendance book. Next were individual photos for the attendance book, clothes basket, and shoes box and finally a group photo.

We finished there and quickly drove back to Amy's kindy to see how she was - she had just finished eating ALL her kindy-provided lunch (I send her in the morning with just a box of rice), and declared that kindy was MUCH more fun when mum wasn't there.

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