Friday, April 22, 2005

A Day in the Life

Getting my new schedule, my new 'life' organized:

7am get up, get breakfast, put the rice on to cook, make Lena either sandwiches or a rice 0-bento for lunch. Get dressed, nag kids to get dressed, brush their teeth, brush their hair, put it up. Get all the bags together and all bits of paper and other things I have to get

9am Take Amy round to Grace.

9-10am have a cup of tea, read email

10am take Lena to her kindy, either in the car or on the bike, run errands

10am - 2pm my time. Work, either lessons or at home, swim, clean, shop

2pm Pick up Lena, go home and start to prepare dinner

4-5pm pick up Amy, eat dinnner

6pm Get in the bath

7pm select books, go upstairs to read, get kids to sleep

evening: work, tidy, projects

Of course, almost no day goes exactly like this!

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