Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hanami No.2

Hanami No 2 was in Yukuhashi, by the river in the place where we went with Mum last year, at the invitation of Mayumi, Maika's mother. I took Jessica from Keio Academy and her friend - we all managed to squeeze into my car, the friend in the front and poor long-legged Jess in the back with the kids, which Amy thought was so cool, since Jess was one of her teachers. I got lost once on the way to Maika's house, but found it again fairly quickly, thank God.

I had brought only bought meals this time, no cooking. Everyone brought snacks and drinks. Jess and her friend got to have a few beers, but none for me, since I was driving. It was much warmer than last year, very very pleasant weather, perfect for sitting outside under a picture-perfect cherry blossom tree and sipping a nice cool beer.

I learned a little more about the place - it is just one man's private garden, which he set up like this just out of love of cherry-blossom viewing parties. And then lets loads of people come for free every year.

As for the medicine, my frustration today was set off by the kindy teacher refusing to promise to use the ventolin inhaler. I was so angry, while at the same time I understood where she was coming from. I needed to fill in a form before the teachers could use a medicine, which I had not done, so fair enough. But she had also never seen it before, which seemed to her to be a good enough reason to never use it. She said it had to be approved by my doctor. I told her my doctor knows I use it. But she knew I was currently getting discharge care from the hospital so she asked it that doctor had okayed it. I said no, because I hadn't asked, because she is taking the same medicine as she always does from the other doctor. So I said just use it in an emergency, but not even that. Not even if she's dying in front of you? But you wouldn't send her to kindy if she was that bad, you'd know in the morning. Maybe not... with asthma it's touch and go sometimes. Grrrrrr

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