Monday, April 04, 2005

Label mania

Having run around here and there getting together all the necessaries from the two kindy lists, today was the big labelling day. 'Lena' had to be written in English on all her things, including her drink bottle (bottle, cap, cover and lid), furoshiki container and lid, lunch box, Japanese bento lunch box (lid, false lid for chopsticks, okazu (side dishes) container, rice container and separate lid). As well as her scissors, glue and crayons, and I started to get carried away here and labelled each crayon, including selotape keep the label on.

Amy's full name in Japanese on all of hers - full change of clothes, two towels and a washcloth, hat, bag, socks and shoes, pyjamas, mattress and quilt and their covers. Sheesh! And the one thing I forget to label will be the first thing she loses...

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