Saturday, April 02, 2005

Grace Entrance Ceremony

Even Day Care Centres have Entrance Ceremonies!

First of all, we were late. Lena had to go to the doctor again for another check and another few days of meds. While we were there we saw a boy from Amy's class, and they kind of recognized each other, but went all silly and shy at first. Then another lady whose grandchild also goes to Grace commented to me that I would miss the Entrance Ceremony. I had thought that it started at 11am, and I had plenty of time, but she got me worried, and sure enough, when I got back to the car, I poured through my little pile of papers and found out that it started at ten.

When we walked in, all the mothers, dressed nicely for the event, were seated on mats on the floor in the hall. Almost all of the 'new entrants' were one-year olds. There was only one other boy starting in Amy's class. So Amy didn't want to hang out in there with the babies, so she went outside to play with Peter and Rosa while I listened to the rest of the talk. They were just up to describing the futon and pyjamas, and we were only in there for a few minutes before they separated us to go to our own kid's room.

I was given a huge fat envelope full of papers which I have not even begun to look through! We went up to Amy's room learned how to take a sticker from the box and stick it on today's date in the attendance book then put it, and the communication book in the slip on the wall. Then Amy played HARD and burst into tears when it was time to go. We played Toni Braxton's 'Unbreak My Heart' for her, with the words changed to 'Unbreak my heart, say you love yochien, undo this hurt that you caused when you walked out the door and said goodbye to your friends, uncry these tears, you've cried too many times...' And an ice-cream, which mopped up those tears very efficiently.

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