Friday, April 29, 2005

Amy goes to Keio again

Today is Midori no Hi (GreenDay) a Japanese public holiday, so Amy didn't go to her kindergarten. However, Keio had lessons today, in exchange for next Friday so they could take the whole week off next week. So Amy came with me to drop Lena off, and was quite excited about seeing her old teachers and showing them a slater she had picked up from the garden that morning, as well as the Easter Egg she made at kindy the day before.

Amy got all shy and wouldn't say anything, but Manager was there and asked her to come in. As I got Lena ready, Amy rushed outside to add some dirt to her slater box, then I asked her to come in and sing a song with Lena. Once she was in the room she was happy, singing the old familiar songs, and Lena was so chuffed to have her big sister there that she kept stopping singing to turn around to make sure she was still there! So Manager suggested she stay all day! I asked her if she wanted to, and she just gave me a sweet smile.

So I ordered her a lunch from the place next door, and took off for an uplanned day alone. I didn't do much - went for a swim only to find the pool closed, so I biked to the supermarket, made some dinner, tidied the bedroom and it was time to pick up the girls. Amy and Lena had been put in separate classes, Amy with the second-years, and she had had a wonderful day. It was so nice for her to be back in a familiar environment, doing familiar things, not lost in the crowd! She is getting accustomed to her new kindy, but today was a nice little break for her.

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