Friday, April 08, 2005


Tonight I did my speech on my impressions of Nakatsu for the Nakatsu katarukai. I was a bit more nervous than I thought I was going to be, but it turned out okay. The questions at the end were the hardest part, because I didn't have any practice with them.

I talked about how impressed I was with the historical Nakatsu, how I liked looking at the old houses and I wished I could see more of the gardens. But I explained that I was unpleasantly surprised at how ugly the view was from the castle, and I blamed it on the power lines, and how people keep cutting trees down or over-trimming them. I also suggested that rubbish bins in the street would be a good idea, and rubbished the absurd notion that we can't have rubbish bins - cos people might put rubbish in them, which is the most common arguement against having them. I pointed out that the sort of person who chucks their household rubbish into a public rubbish bin rather than getting rid of it properly, is probably not going to be reformed by the banning of rubbish bins - they are the ones who then leave their household rubbish all over the roads and in the forest. I want to have rubbish bins SO THAT people will put their rubbish in them instead of in the rivers and forests.

Afterwards, we had a nice buffet dinner and then I went to find Kanji, who was at a sushi-bar. We then went drinking together to Tropicoco's. (Amy and Lena stayed the night at Baachan's)

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