Friday, April 15, 2005

I start swimming again

Okay, so my diet so far has gone so badly that I have somehow managed to PUT ON weight instead of take it off. Oops.

And it does not help that I have been kept away from the pool for a month, with influenza, hospital, bronchitis and finally sinusitis. My muscles ached a bit at first today, but soon I hit my stride and managed 1000 (don't laugh Rachel and Becky, I've only just begun!). While trying to keep count I started planning the cake in my head. Amy's party is on Sunday, and I intend to get the cake done tomorrow. It's a very ambitious one - perhaps I found Humpty Dumpty too easy or something, because I have really gone overboard with this one. Suffice it to say for now, that I have already shopped at four stores for just the right lollies and things to decorate it.

We played in the park today with Peter and Rosa, instead of Amy staying at kindy for a 'nap' (she doesn't sleep, she just gets bored). They had a fabulous time in the sandpit, making rivers and balls and getting thoroughly grubby. I met a Philippina mother and her daughter Lisa, who is Amy's age (5 next month).

Toyoko's daughter Yumi was supposed to come over tonight, to practice English and check out my books - she likes big colourful books with lots of pictures, so I think she will love my bottom shelf! But she isn't here yet, and it's nearly 7pm, and the kids are so exhausted from their long day of kindy and parks, I will take them up to sleep very soon.

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