Sunday, April 03, 2005

Hanami No.1

Keio Academy's Hanami at the cherry blossom park by Komo Jinja

My cold has progressed to an earache and my sinuses are stuffed and painful. But I figured that if I didn't go to the party I would just have to cook dinner and I really didn't feel like doing that, so I bundled the kids in the car and off we went.

It was a good party. The food was mixed platters with sushi, fried chicken and various Japanese side dishes, and there was LOADS of beer, of which I had one small glass. There were two other babies there, and Amy and Lena sat up on the podium at a small table colouring. Another mother brought balloons which were a huge hit, and spawned a wild chasing game with a slightly pickled Shinobu (who is leaving Keio Academy). I chatted with most people in turn. We farewelled Shinobu and Yukari, and Amy cried and cried, and was inconsolable at learning Yukari was going to Hong Kong. She was over-tired by this point which made it worse. We had a line-up so everyone could say goodbye to her and Shinobu in turn, and Amy lined up at least three times to get hugs. Then we took tons of photos, and had a big Banzai to finish off the party.

I felt only a tiny bit jealous that the others were moving on to a bar in town, but I was so tired by that point that I was mostly relieved that I would soon be asleep in my warm bed. I am gobbling panadeine but the only thing that really relieves sinus pain is unconsciousness!

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