Thursday, April 21, 2005

You'll never guess who just called...

Of all the people to find at the other end of my phone, and asking for English lessons, to boot - my first boss in Japan, Shu-san. Mr Yoshida from Sanko village is back in town. Katchan called me, and passed the phone over to him. Shu said he would call me tomorrow about details so I had better get some days/times organized.

We started the next semester at OIT this morning. It was the introductory/orientation lesson, so we played Pictionary which was a lot of fun. After work, I didn't have any kids to feed or run around after, picking up, what a change. Strolling through the supermarket looking for something for lunch, and something for Lena's lunchbox the next day, I bumped into Chiharu, so we shopped together, then went to have coffee at the petrol station. We talked about getting together to do translation work, since neither of us have the skills to work alone. Another business opportunity flies into my face, what is it about this year?

Amy has decided she does not like ballet. This started two weeks ago. I am not sure why, but I am pretty sure that her reason today, that the music had no words, was related more to my current CD pick, a jazz compilation with a few instrumentals that Amy declares she does not like, because she can't sing along. Maybe last week's excuse, that they did not let her play, was more on the mark. Maybe it's because the class has shrunk to four since all the kids who started primary school have moved to graded lessons at other times. Maybe it's just the general disruption of her life at the moment. I think I will try to convince her to keep at it a few more months at least, in the hope that she re-discovers her love for it.

Lena is coping well with kindy, and eating ALL her lunch most days, which surprised me, then annoyed me! Why won't she do that at home! Little sneak, is she having me on? She has also got a little rowdier, playing rough and laughing hysterically. Alternating with pretending she is a baby. Good thing I am reading a child psychology book at the moment, so I can attribute her general weirdness to feeling a little insecure about her new life away from Mummy, but showing it in completely unconnected ways.

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