Monday, April 11, 2005

Lena's first full day at Kindy

Today was the first day Lena stayed the whole four hours at kindy, and took her lunch in a little lunch box. First this, first that, who else is getting sick of firsts?

Anyway, she did marvellously, ate up half her lunch and enjoyed the experience of having her own drink, and towel, and fork and spoon as well as the lunch box, that the first thing she wanted to do when she came home was have lunch all over again, which she did, eating up her leftovers at the computer table.

Meanwhile Amy had a bit of a rough day, she says that she was kicked off the mountain and that the children won't play with her, sigh, knowing Amy, the spills and upsets of childhood will affect her deeply! She is quite taken with the naming of all her clothing, and has taken to naming things herself if I haven't done so yet. She does Lena's too, as I found out doing the laundry, folding a singlet with a wobbly LENA written on the neck band.

And for me the day was MY first experience of my new life, with two kindy kids to run around after. Monday needs to be timed perfectly, with Lena's kindy finishing at 2pm, Amy's at 4pm, swimming from 5:30 to 6:30, and my student coming at 8:30. We had tea at 4:30, and supper at 7pm before quickly heading to bed, where they both fell straight to sleep. I had a lesson in the morning, at 10am, and Amy's kindy starts at 9am and Lena's at 10am. Fortunately the student was happy to change her start time to 10:15, giving me that little bit of leverage I needed. When she finished, I was at a bit of a loss, accustomed after that class to feeding Lena her lunch and going to pick up Amy.

I would not call it Empty Next Syndrome, since I have no shortage of things to do! But it does feel odd to go somewhere and all you have to do is stand up, grab your bag and the key and walk out the door!

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