Thursday, March 24, 2005

Amy's Class 'Picnic'

Yesterday was the day chosen for Amy's kindy's spring picnic. But it was raining today, so it was put off til today. But it was raining again today, so the picnic was held indoors.

It didn't really matter, we had a wonderful time anyway. From 10am to 12pm the teachers led the kids in several games. First, the teachers raced to get ABC bean bags and they could only put them in the box when the kids said a word that started with that letter. Which meant that most of the time the teacher had to act something out. Then they played a ball-throwing game, then an obstacle course, then 'caterpillar', crawling across the floor inside a cardboard box, which was a lot of fun.

We had lunch together, marmite, cheese and lettuce sandwiches, strawberries, and whole eggs. There is only one photo because my card is used up and I can't get my software to work, I think I have to re-load it.

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