Monday, March 28, 2005

Oh No! Sick again - Day One?

Okay, so I was not totally unwarned. Lena had a slightly red eye on Friday, and it was a little redder yesterday, and she had a temperature of 37.5. Of course with Lena, who acts normal when she has a fever, unless it's very high, it was hard to tell she was becoming sick. The only sign really, is that she was too tired to walk in the supermarket and wanted to be carried, at which time I could feel how warm her skin was.

She skipped dinner, then got up during my lesson last night - asking me for her breakfast! She had some nuts, half a chocolate-filled bread roll and a glass of milk. Then came and joined our lesson!

She went back to sleep very quickly after the lesson finished, but woke at about 2:30 moaning and then she started to shiver, so I knew she had a fever coming on. Oh No, I thought. Then she started calling for water, and I felt her sking and she was burning up! She kept trying to cough, but found it too hard. Then she wanted to be sick, so we came downstairs to get some supplies. Her eyes were full of green gunk. She had a temperature of 39, and I put in an 'Anhiba' suppository, 200mg of acetominophen. She felt sleepy again before being sick, so we went back to bed. She was nearly asleep when she suddenly felt like being sick again, but luckily we were prepared so we avoided any mess.

After that she spent about another painful, unhappy hour trying to get back to sleep with a painful cough, and a very sore tummy - she was squirming and twisting, and only went to sleep in the end with her bum in the air and me rubbing her back.

SO.....the party is off. I have wrapped the cake in tin foil and a plastic bag, and have decided that we will use up the snacks on Tuesday when the playgroup meets, and have the cake on the 10th of April, when Baachan, and Amy's two aunties, Mie and Toyoko come for lunch.

Kanji will come after lunch and we will spend the afternoon at the hospital again instead of at home celebrating a party. We will also have to miss Max Leon's party this afternoon.

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