Sunday, March 27, 2005

Party Prep

Just a big day of tidying and nagging the kids not to drag out yet another toy and shopping in preparation for Lena's party tomorrow.

I baked a chocolate cake, with Amy's help. I bought sweets and snacks at the 100yen shop, (and could not resist the temptation of picking up a few Japanese items for trademe), and then some chocolate and lollies at the supermarket to decorate the cake. I can never get exactly what they say in the book, but there is such an amazing range of sweets that I often get something better. Lena has chosen Humpty Dumpty, which is perfect as tomorrow is also Easter, so the egg theme seems fitting.

I blew an egg, much to Amy's delight. She roared with laughter, giggling at how now it looked like it was doing a wee-wee, and now it was doing a poo. I said, it's giving birth, my face certainly felt like it (have you blown an egg? Hard work!). Kanji came home and Amy excitedly showed him the egg, explaining how we had put the holes in both ends, and Mummy had blown and blown. Then Lena grabbed the egg, ran up to the sink and knocked it against the bench - she thought it was a hard-boiled egg, and she was cracking the shell to peel it. She got quite a surprise to find no egg inside, and more of a surprise at me going, "Oh No, Lena! What have you done!!?"

So I grabbed another egg and all three watched me give birth to another albumen and yolk sac. This egg was promptly safetly stored out of hungry Lena's reach.

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