Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Happy Birthday Lena!

Lena is three today!

We woke up early and she opened her presents - a new Princess Licca-chan doll, a puzzle book and a Bratz Chloe fashion fridge magnet set. We had cocoa pops for breakfast, then Amy went to kindy for the first time in a week.

Lena went to Baachan's while I was at the dentist, and lay in her favourite spot under the kotatsu (heated table) watching T.V. Then I took her home and she watched Monsters Inc. while I tidied up.

We picked Amy up from kindy at 12:00, and we all went to Jusco Shopping Mall to go to MacDonalds for lunch. Then we went shopping with the money Lena got from Baachan, Aunty Mie and Aunty Toyoko. She bought a boy doll, a Prince for her Licca-chan and a Hikari/Purikyua (pretty cure) Pink costume. Purikyua is a popular girls' T.V. show, similar to Sailor Moon and all the rage with the primary school crowd.

Then we went to Peter and Rosa's house, and saw them and Emily and Masaki. Lena got more presents - an Elmo lunch box from Tomookas and a playmobile car and a frisbee/sticky-ball game from Gastauers. We were not long there when we had to rush home for the English Playgroup - Maika, Takumi and Chihiro came. Lena wore her new Purikyua costume and went around saying "My name is Hikari. I kill monsters." They played dress-ups, snatch-the-card, and say-the-card-fast games, and ended up practicing writing words and drawing pictures to match.

Now we are waiting for Daddy to get home, and we will all go to Joyfull for dinner, and especially for a big ice-cream sundae

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