Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sick Day Four

We took Lena to the pediatric clinic in the morning as her fever and cough had not stopped. But the doc said her lungs were sounding better so we got another two days of meds and instructions to come back on Friday. She also had a blood test, poor thing. She knew it was going to happen as soon as we sat on the bed in the treatment room and she saw the nurse with her tray. She just said, "Why?"

We will get the results of the test tomorrow morning.

At least she doesn't find the doctor scary. She made me laugh on Monday because after the doctor had checked her chest front and back and looked in her mouth she said, "Why didn't it hurt?". The younger, more inexperienced doctors at the city hospital were a bit more rough with her mouth and the tongue depressor.

Amy spent the day with Baachan, coming back at about 5pm. I started to come down with a fever when I put the kids to bed - that unmistakable cold shivery feeling. But I popped some pills and went to Again. I only stayed a little while though, I was utterly exhausted and came back to bed before 12.

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