Saturday, March 05, 2005

Peter and Rosa and Grace Hoikuen

Peter and Rosa came to play today. They have been in Germany since we got back from New Zealand, so we have not had a chance to see them for a couple of months, but they acted like it was only yesterday.

The good news is, we got Amy into Grace Hoikuen! Peter and Rosa go to Grace, and Amy will be in their class for as long as they remain in Nakatsu (they are moving back to Germany soon). Also, Grace is a Christian establishment, the only one of two in Nakatsu (the other being an orphanage), so Amy will learn some prayers and Bible stories and Christian festivals. Unfortunately though, she will miss Easter both this year, because it falls in March and she starts kindy in April AND next year, because next year Easter is in April - and she will already be attending public kindergarten by then. It's a shame, because, unlike Christmas, which is widely celebrated in Japan (although only the surace decoration), Easter is simply unknown, and not recognized at all.

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