Friday, March 11, 2005

Influenza Day Four

We got a little bit more rest today - in the morning at least. I also managed to squeeze in a trip to the video store yesterday, so in the morning the kids watched Cinderella II. Kanji had to go to work. That was good - we needed a break from each other, we were starting to get very annoyed with each other, not least because we have such different ways of treating illness that when the kids are sick we are always questioning each other.

And then it was back to the doctors again in the afternoon, as Amy had run out of Tamiflu. I hate the medical system. I HATE that it took us TWO HOURS and we saw the doctor for a total of about three minutes. Since when did the patient become the least important part? Line us up, sort us out, make us wait, and make it seem like WE are selfish (inconsiderate to the next waiting person) if we want to talk for more than the allotted three minutes or dare to ask any questions. Herd us out the door, mid-sentence, and the waiting starts again.

We wait: 1) After checking in, and taking the kid's temperature, we wait 30-40 minutes until a nurse calls us to take a record of our symptoms, and weigh the kid. You must always take their temperature, no matter what you brought them in for. And they always ask you the same questions, about coughing, and vomiting and diarrhea. Then 2) Waiting another 30-40 minutes until we are called into the the inner room then 3) waiting in the inner room to see the doctor, including waiting on a specially designated stool so they know exactly where you are when you are next. Then you finally get your three minutes with the doctor. Then 4) Wait in the main waiting room again to be called to recieve your prescription and pay for the doctor visit, then 5) Go to the next door chemist and wait for the drugs. We arrived at about 2:30 and were out at perhaps 4:30.

And yet I persist with this doctor, because he at least speaks real, conversational English, and can understand me if I need to explain something, or can translate symptoms, and treatment, not just the odd English word remembered from University.

We finally got home, and watched Babe, while Kanji went to doctor again! He has had some kind of ulcer or wart thingy on his tongue for several months. The first doctor he went to said to just not worry about it, but he did, and thinks it was getting larger, so he tried another doctor today, who sliced it off then and there! He came home looking a bit shocked. He said it was a bit scary, poor thing, at least it's gone now.

Amy's fever is finally abated, Lena's is up to 39. Kanij seems to be getting better, I am much the same, head feeling all thick, body aching.

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